Apartment Design Architects

When you’re looking for the best in apartment design, come to Glen Fries Associates, one of the top residential architects in the United States. Whether it’s for new construction or a renovation project, our apartment architects know how to create elegant apartments customized to our clients. When you come to us, we’ll work to integrate site and context into the framework for an enduring design that fits your style. While we’re based in Princeton, New Jersey, we manage apartment renovation and design nationwide.

The beauty of working with Glen Fries Associates is that we manage everything from concept to construction services. Trust our team to handle all the many phases involved with creating bespoke apartments. These include initial planning, getting permits, creating a design, constructing the apartment and documenting the entire process. If you’re ready to learn more about the exceptional apartments designed by architects at our firm, reach out any time. Contact Glen Fries Associates today to get started on an alluring apartment design!